From the F Series: The New eneo IP Cameras

ONVIF compatibility plus software solution
FLC 1301 (PresseBox) (Rödermark, ) The new eneo F Series provides a comprehensive product programme for IP based video surveillance with its total of ten products. In addition to IP Domes and Recorders, the new F Series also includes four powerful network cameras including a classic boxed camera as well as mini versions for discrete surveillance of indoor areas. All models support the ONVIF standard.

The FLC-1301, FXC-1302 and FXC-1302W Mini IP CMOS Cameras are fitted in an extremely compact elegant housing (110x70x33m) and offer a high level of functionality. The cameras support two-way audio communication as they come with an integrated microphone and speaker. This means an area can not only be placed under surveillance, it can also be audio monitored and direct voice communication is possible when required. The FLC-1301 features a VGA resolution of 640x480 pixels. At a rate of 30 frames per second the picture is displayed in real time. The light sensitivity is 0.4 Lux (at F1.2 colour). The FXC-1302 and FXC-1302W have a 2-megapixel resolution of 1600x1200 pixels. The rate lies at 15 frames per second at full resolution and 30 frames per second at 1280x720 pixels (HD 720p) with a light sensitivity of 0.5 Lux (at F1.2 colour). The FXC-1302W can be integrated into the network over WLAN when a wireless connection is required.

The FXC-1201M Boxed IP Camera is a model featuring 2 megapixels (1600x1200 pixels) and, just like the mini IP cameras, compresses imagery with H.264. At full resolution it transmits five frames per second, at 1280x720 pixels (HD 720p) 12.5 frames, and at PAL resolution 25 frames per second. It comes with one audio input and output and one alarm input and output as well as electronic day/night operation.

Both the mini versions as well as the FXC-1201M feature simultaneous image data transmission over two different video streams, in which the second video stream has been designed for picture display on smartphones. An SD card slot (FXC-1201M) and a mini SD card slot (FLC-1301, FXC-1302 and FXC-1302W) are available for internal storage. The PoE function (Power over Ethernet) can be utilised for the power supply. This allows power to be supplied over the same cable used for data transmission into the network. Additional cabling is unnecessary and installation costs reduced. The integrated motion detector increases surveillance reliability. Furthermore, the models have ePTZ for executing pan/tilt and zoom functions digitally (i.e. without moving, mechanical parts).

Software Finitra

The Finitra software solution is included in delivery. Up to 16 video channels can be managed, recorded and operated with Finitra regardless of whether an F Series IP camera, IP dome or IP recorder is connected. Recordings up to a resolution of 2 megapixels per channel are supported. Display on the monitor is real time, different split screen settings can be selected for viewing. Intelligent search functions in the recordings, motion for instance, flexible recording settings options (time schedule, permanent, alarm or motion triggered) and numerous other functions are what make Finitra a comprehensive solution for IP-based video surveillance.

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