A Valuable Picture Deserves an Appropriate Frame

Handcrafted Cases for iPhone and Stands For iPad – ICY BOX Introduces Small But Nice Selection
Stable stands for iPads: ICY BOX IB-AC632 (top) and IB-i001 (PresseBox) (Ahrensburg, ) This small but nice selection of premium accessories for iPhone and iPad from ICY BOX is made for a demanding minority. There are three high-quality aluminium frames (or cases) for iPhone 4 and two solid metal stands for the iPad. Aluminium, handcraft and a stylish look establish the character of the accessories.

The iPad stands prove themselves due to their stability even in presentations when the touch-screen is touched very frequently.

Put the iPad into perspective, lock the optimum angle. Present without shaking. Not only for the iPad, AC632 is continuously adjustable. Made of steel, flexible and safe.
RRP Euro 39,90

The "easel" for the iPad. Aluminium and handcraft. Can you present a valuable image more appropriately?
RRP Euro 69,00

These are not only cool looking frames for the iPhone, they are also solid and shatter-proof. Our standard is proven in handcraft. Mona Lisa, too, doesn’t show in a frame from the hardware store.

Solid aluminium frame, cut and polished by hand, with shock-absorbing silicone. Black and silver.
RRP Euro 49,90

Solid aluminium frame, cut and polished by hand. Black.
RRP Euro 69,00

Not everybody’s style. Aluminium frame, hard, edged, masculine. Laboriously made by hand.
RRP Euro 69,00


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