Pilot project successful: Czech tank truck manufacturer installs ZUWA Impeller Pump in tank for Urea fertilizer

Pumpe im Tankaufbau (PresseBox) (Laufen, ) Pump manufacturer ZUWA and its Czech distribution partner PH Gia have developed a solution for large tank trucks using ZUWA's flexible impeller pumps. PH Gia and a highly specialised tank truck manufacturer just finished the testing period with a ZUWA NIROSTAR 2001-F. The set up is used to supply small tank trucks or local tanks with DAM, a 30% aqueous Urea solution used as nitrogene fertilizer in agriculture.

The dry self priminig NIROSTAR 2001-F does not require pre-filling. The pump is made of high grade stainless steel, impeller and seals are resistant to fluids with high pH values. The liquid fertilizer is discharged with a flow rate of 400 - 680 litres per minute at a pressure of 1.8 bar

The pump works bidirectional - discharging the DAM in the first step and cleaning the hoses in the second step. This way no fertilizer is lost and the location stays clean. PH Gia's engineer Tomáš Netopil reports the surprise of the customer about the low energy required to change the pump's rotating direction. According to Eng. Netopil the results were so convincing that his customer will use ZUWA impeller pumps for further applications like milk tanks.


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