protel POS Guest Info makes life a picnic for bar and restaurant guests

Always everything in view: With protel POS Guest Info not a single detail will fall by the wayside (PresseBox) (Dortmund, ) protel POS Guest Info provides all relevant guest data for the hotel's gastronomy - and vice versa. Important information is displayed, edited and completed via all POS terminals and is automatically transferred to the respective guest profile.
As of now, this web-based service by protel hotelsoftware GmbH, Germany, can be directly tied to any POS system - developer enquiries are welcome. protel business partner 42 GmbH was the first to implement this protel Add-on into their Matrix POS software solution.

With protel POS Guest Info, the entire service personnel always has the relevant information at their fingertips. From individual preferences to particular needs right up to an exact record of consumption during the guests' precedent visits: Not a single detail will fall by the wayside. After identifying and recording the guests' desires just once, the employees view their wishes on the screen in order to cater to them accordingly. By being optimally informed, the service staff can easily offer individual care and perfect service keeping all guests perfectly content.

Via all POS terminals in hotel bars and restaurants, not only guest, reservation, marketing and VIP data but also guest preferences are visible at any time and they can also be edited. Additionally, a detailed and transparent overview of each guest's revenue is retrievable. Based on the consumption during all visits in the hotel, specific marketing and VIP characteristics can be assigned, which will significantly improve customer loyalty as every guest appreciates an obliging dedication to individual care and a perfect service.

The consumption overview additionally aids the service staff i.e. by offering a guest the same delicious red wine he or she enjoyed during the last visit. Particularly important: Almost all information can be directly edited via each POS terminal which keeps the personnel up-to-date at any time making the guest feel like a king.

Further information

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- If you would like to learn more how to optimize gastronomy service with protel POS Guest Info, do not hesitate to contact our Sales team.


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