Polysun 5.6: 40 New SunEarth Inc. Templates Facilitate the Preparation of Sales Proposals

SunEarth Inc has incorporated 40 new hydraulic templates in the new version of Polysun. In addition 12 new solar assisted space heating systems for the Northern states and 6 commercial domestic hot water systems for the CSI program have been added
One of the 40 new SunEarth systems in Polysun with a tank by Rheem (PresseBox) (San Francisco, ) Working with Paul Outram from SunEarth Inc., 40 new templates have been added to Polysun. This allows installers and sales personnel to put together proposals for SunEarth systems efficiently and quickly. All Professional or Designer level users of the new version of Polysun 5.6 will be able to simulate SunEarth systems.

“By including our hydraulic templates we aim to help Polysun users to prepare professional proposals for SunEarth systems”, says Paul Outram, Manager of SunEarth Inc., “This will allow users to provide high quality proposals quickly.”

Polysun now also includes several templates that are representative of North American solar thermal combisystems. “With these templates Polysun offers a good database of systems for the growing solar assisted space heating market”, says Simon Geisshuesler, Vela Solaris Marketing Director.

Last but not least Polysun has satisfied the growing demand for simulations of commercial DHW systems in California by introducing 6 systems with large tanks.

For more information on Vela Solaris and the Polysun product range, please visit www.velasolaris.com.


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