Precision Manufacturing of Lenses

Made in Germany - The Substrate as a Basis for High-Quality Laser Optics
Precision Manufacturing of Lenses (PresseBox) (Olching, ) Increasing demands on laser optics have brought about improvements in the quality and precision of the raw substrate. To meet these demands the production of spherical lenses has become one of LASER COMPONENTS' core competencies. In Germany we produce customer-specific prototypes and series. Through this locational advantage, delivery times remain short even at attractive prices. In addition to customer-specific lenses, we also have optical components in stock that are available for sale on our web shop.

Production and Measurement Options

- CNC-controlled Production
- QED - MRF® technology. Magnetorheological finishing: Localized surface corrections to achieve the best possible surface figure
- Interferometric measurement. 2 Zygo interferometers (l/10 documentation for spherical/plano optics)
- Radii Measurements Precision < 0.1%

Typical specifications

- Laser polish
- Wavefront error: < l/10
- Surface quality: < 10-5
- Roughness: fused silica < 0.3 nm, BK7 < 0.4 nm
- Centering precision: < 3'

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