LED RGB Machine Vision Lights

RGB lights help to establish robust machine vision systems for varying color schematics without the use of a color camera and therefore introduce a gain in sensitivity, resolution and process speed while maintaining a high recognition rate.
RGB illumination (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) Laser 2000 offers RGB light in which each LED contains all 3 wavelengths. This provides a basis for a homogeneous illumination of the area of interest. Shapes of ring, dom, area and special set ups are covering the needs. The dom can even be equipped with an IR LED which makes it possible to display four different colors. The XBAR-RGB Series is offering maximum light with very easy configuration.
All RGB systems can be triggered by a TTL signal level. The signal may come for a SPS or the MV computer itself. If necessary all colors can be triggered sequentially and the software selects the best version.
Changing charges or big product diversities can be properly covered with RGB illuminations. RGB light offer the flexibility for changing tasks and can be easily integrated in mechanical, electrical and logical terms into the machine vision system.
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