Kugler-Womako uses first-ever rotary table for new EcoBinder paper binding machine

Gluing of the tabs on the spine. The printable paper spiral is also visible when the body of the book is open (PresseBox) (Nürtingen, Germany, ) The new EcoBinder from industry leader Kugler-Womako is not just a single-batch paper binder, it is also the first binding system ever to offer the benefits of a rotary table.

The new EcoBinder from Kugler-Womako provides twofold innovation, taking both product and process down new paths and giving users creative options once thought impossible.

The environmentally-friendly, award-winning EcoBinder technology from Kugler-Womako is already the talk of the industry. Instead of traditional combs and spirals made of wire or plastic, the system uses 22-mm-wide printable paper rings, perfect for advertising purposes.

That alone makes the EcoBinder a true novelty in the industry. But the design team at Kugler-Womako wasn't satisfied with just one innovative feature. Instead of the typical linear transfer system, the EcoBinder handles the process using a rotary table - the first of its kind. "A rotary table is more compact and consists of fewer individual parts than a linear arrangement, which helps reduce maintenance costs," explains project manager Anton Jost. In a circular process, input and output stations are located next to each other. Therefore, one worker can operate the entire machine. The innovative solution also facilitates a completely new, space-saving workflow.

In the semi-automated version, bundles are inserted by hand. At 15 cycles per minute and with no manual intervention required, the rotary table transports the bundle 90 degrees to the corresponding processing station where strips of paper are coated with hot glue, rolled and adhered to the back cover of the bundle.

"This configuration is just one of many possibilities," says Anton Jost. "As with all our machines, the EcoBinder can be customized to meet our customers' individual needs."

Kugler-Womako GmbH

Kugler-Womako has a long tradition as a supplier of machinery for the paper processing industry. Its product portfolio includes double wire forming machines, machines for double wire, spiral and plastic spiral bindings, as well as a newly developed paper binding. In addition to punching machines and labeling systems, the company manufactures machines for the production of writing pads and folders, and guillotines for wet glue labels, films and other very delicate specialty papers. Another product area is the manufacture of production lines for security documents with integrated microchips.

Kugler-Womako is part of Körber PaperLink, a provider of system solutions for the paper and tissue industry.


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