Sharp PV kits with Swiss quality

Sharp Electronics combines its solar modules with inverters made by Sputnik Engineering
(PresseBox) (Biel, ) The solar branch of the electronics corporation Sharp Electronics (Europe) GmbH increasingly draws on inverters from Sputnik Engineering. Since May Sharp uses SolarMax inverters of the Swiss manufacturer in its new "Sharp PV kits". Up to this point in time, Sharp distributed its complete systems for rooftop installations internationally under the brand name "Hamburger Dach". The "Sharp PV kits" now continue the "Hamburger Dach" and are available as in- and on-roof versions with eight to 16 solar modules. Along with crystalline Sharp solar modules and SolarMax inverters, the kits contain cables, mounting systems, detailed installation instructions, and further accessories. Registered installers can order the complete solutions in the Sharp solar shop at

Within the framework of the distribution of individual components, Sharp also increasingly recommends its partners to operate Sharp modules in combination with the solar inverters from Switzerland. Furthermore, the electronics corporation also will increasingly use SolarMax products when implementing turn-key photovoltaic projects in the future.

"We have decided to make Sputnik Engineering our partner, because Sputnik has a great wealth of experience in the development of high-quality products, which is confirmed by numerous reference installations," says Peter Thiele, Executive Vice President of Sharp Electronics (Europe) GmbH. "The cooperation with Sputnik has already persisted for quite some time and will now be intensified."

"This is an alliance of two pioneers," adds Hans-Thomas Fritzsche, General Manager of the German Sputnik Engineering GmbH. "Sharp disposes of more than 50 years of experience in the development of photovoltaic modules and Sputnik disposes of more than 20 years of experience in the development and manufacture of inverters for grid-connected solar power plants. We are very happy that Sharp appreciates the quality of our products and wants to intensify the cooperation."

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