FLEXPOINT® MVmicro - The Universal Line Laser for Image Processing

Direct Alternative for Line Lasers in a 19 mm Housing
FLEXPOINT MVmicro The Universal Line Laser for Image Processing (PresseBox) (Olching, ) Industrial solutions are being presented with the FLEXPOINT® MVmicro series of line lasers for all stand-alone 3D image processing tasks.

Easy to use. These lasers can easily be focused and locked by hand. The line optics remains attached to the housing during adjustment, which means that the laser class does not change while the laser is being focused.

Thinnest lines. This optimized focal adjustment allows minimal line thicknesses of 20-30 µm to be achieved. The homogeneity of the power distribution is ±20% along 80% of the line.

Variations. Thanks to a large selection of different fan angles, almost every line length can be implemented. Many wavelengths and output power levels (i.e., up to 100 mW) are available.

Assembly. The potential-free housing measures 65 mm x 19 mm (length x Ø). The output power of the lasers may optionally be adjusted using a control signal between 0 and 5 V. Digital modulation for synchronization with a camera is also available as an option.

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