The world’s first Autosar logger !

Telemotive blue PiraT supports Autosar – DLT (diagnostic log and trace)
(PresseBox) (München, ) The latest development for blue PiraT data loggers, called “Diagnostic log and trace”, derived from our association with automobile developer Autosar.
The Autosar consortium also provides a standard version of log and trace functions with release 4.0 as of 2010. Its job is to enable the developer of software components to display information about the programme status.
DLT enables a standardised log and trace function for software components and the basic software modules RTE (run time environment), DET (development error tracer) and DEM (diagnostic event manager). In addition, there is a standard transfer protocol and filing format for log and trace data (.dlt).
Telemotive blue PiraT data loggers can receive and record DLT messages via Ethernet and serial interfaces. With Ethernet there is also the option of transmitting control messages for online configuration of the ECU (electronic control unit).
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