Halogen-free wiring ducts HTWD-HF: safe solution for your application

Halogen-free wiring ducts HTWD-HF: safe solution for your application (PresseBox) (Tornesch, ) HTWD-HF wiring ducts, made of a polymer blend of polycarbonate and acrylonitrile butadiene stryrene (PC/ABS), represent the leading edge of materials technology.

Above all, HTWD-HF wiring ducts do not produce dangerous gases when they burn. They are thus an important element in any fire damage prevention strategy.

HellermannTyton's HTWD-HF halogen-free ducts are the right solution whenever personal safety during a fire is important. HTWD-HF wiring ducts have been tested to NFF 16-101, DIN5510-2 and ISO 11925 and therefore carry all the most up-to-date certification for use in the rail industry. In addition, HTWD-HF, classified to UL94 V0, has excellent self-extinguishing properties.

The dimensions and base perforation are in accordance with DIN 43659. The duct is notched at the bottom of the fingers and at the base of the sidewall so that the fingers and the sidewall can be easily snapped, leaving no sharp edges and allowing for larger openings for cables. The wiring ducts 75mm or higher are also equipped with a nub to prevent cables from slipping.

Two halogen-free retaining clips to prevent cables from falling out of the duct when covers are removed are also available.

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