I.R.I.S. Expands its Mobile Scanning Portfolio with the IRIScan(TM) Book 2

Scan books and magazines on the fly without ripping pages off with I.R.I.S.' brand-new cordless scanner!
IRIScan Book 2 (PresseBox) (Louvain la Neuve, ) I.R.I.S is thrilled to announce the release of its brand-new IRIScan(TM) Book 2, a cutting-edge portable scanner bundled with its flagship OCR software Readiris(TM) Pro 12.

Cordless, battery-powered and very lightweight, the IRIScan(TM) Book 2 enables users on-the-go to easily capture information from books and magazines without ripping their pages off, and without the need for a computer. An ideal device for today's mobile lifestyle, it makes document capture and conversion a child's play, and completes I.R.I.S.' mobile scanning portfolio in the most elegant way.

Thanks to its leading wheels, the cordless scanner is steadily and easily rolled over the book, magazine, or any other document, and the scanned image is then saved on the 2GB MicroSD(TM) card included. The IRIScan(TM) Book 2 takes only 13 seconds to scan an A4 sheet of paper (in color, 600dpi) and can store up to 450 high resolution images on the 2GB MicroSD(TM) card.

No driver installation is needed! Once back at home or in the office, simply connect the scanner with the USB cable or pop-in your MicroSD(TM) card into your computer, tablet PC or iPad® and share your documents. Go a step further and use Readiris(TM) Pro 12 to process your scans and get rid of monotonous retyping. Within seconds you have a fully editable and searchable copy of your paper document imported into your favorite word processor (i.e. Word®, Pages®), spreadsheet application (i.e. Excel®, Numbers®), portable document format (i.e. hyper-compressed PDF thanks to iHQC(TM) , I.R.I.S.' unique PDF compression technology) or into one of the many available output applications.

Bernard De Fabribeckers, I.R.I.S. Sales Director, comments: "The new IRIScan(TM) Book 2 lets you scan any document from just about anywhere and right on the fly. It incorporates the latest developments of our renowned OCR technology and sets the standard of portable scanning on the market today in terms of speed and accuracy. We introduced some crucial new features, and the portability, design and ability to recognize and convert documents in more than 120 languages, including Arabic, Hebrew , make it a very attractive solution for anyone who wants to combine superior scanning functionalities and mobility. Shipped with our powerful OCR software, the IRIScan(TM) Book 2 will find its way into many laptop bags, backpacks and purses!"

The IRIScan(TM) Book 2 is compatible with both Windows® and Mac® platforms.
For more info please visit www.irislink.com/iriscanbook
To request press samples, please contact: nicolas.moies-delval@iriscorporate.com

Pricing and availability

The IRIScan(TM) Book 2 will be available for international distribution as of May 1st, 2011 and will be retailed for 129€


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