Setting the world's new standard
(PresseBox) (Wien, ) FEMTOPOWER(TM) X PRO CEP is the newest model of our FEMTOPWER(TM) family of ultrafast Ti:Sapphire multipass amplifi ers. Each FEMTOPOWER(TM) X is equipped with sub-?m accurate BEAMWATCH(TM) position detectors and BEAMALIGN(TM) active beam pointing stabilization.

FEMTOPOWER(TM) X CEP is fully CEP stabilized (optional) by means of our unique CEP3 technology.

The complete FEMTOPOWER(TM) CEP amplifi er line is consistently proven to provide outstanding CE-Phase stability over the longest period of time. With more than 50 systems already installed in the most renowned laboratories, the FEMTOPOWER(TM) CEP has evolved to be the fi rst and only choice among scientists worldwide as optimal light source for the most demanding applications, including high harmonics & X-ray generation, attosecond science and ultrafast spectroscopy.

Over 10 mJ @ 1 kHz
Pulse duration standard: sub-30 fs
Pulse duration PRO: sub-25 fs
After KALEIDOSCOPE™: sub-7 fs
CEP stabilized


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