New Multi-Color Light Source for the Biotechnology Market: 5 Color Laser Nordic Combiner

Due to the increasing demand for excitation wavelengths in the biotechnology and the medical market the new multi-color laser source was developed. It makes the large variety of different laser wavelengths available in one compact device.
Multi color laser Nordic Combiner with fiber output. (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) Up to 5 lasers between 375 nm and 940 nm can be integrated in the Nordic Combiner. Each laser can be controlled or modulated separately. The common optical output can be chosen as free space or fiber coupled in singlemode or multimode fiber. Especially the fiber output with a standard fiber connector makes the coupling to a microscope very easy. The specifications like power stability and intensity noise are equal to the single lasers from CrystaLaser which are already established in the biotechnolgy market since many years.

The applications for the Nordic Combiner are

- Confocal Microscopy
- Flow Cytometry
- Fluorescence Spectroscopy
- Fluorescence Microscopy


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