euroscript scoops prizes in two categories of EMC's worldwide xCP challenge

With "Trip Planner" and "PDF Form Reader", euroscript developed the "Best Sample Application" and the "Best xCelerator Asset"
(PresseBox) (Bertrange/Paris, ) a team of three professionals from euroscript Systems, a French subsidiary of euroscript International, took part in EMC's xCP xCelerator Challenge 2011. Out of 10 finalists in three categories, euroscript is the first European company to win this worldwide developer contest, and in two categories ("Best Sample Application" and "Best xCelerator Asset"). The prize money for these two categories is $30,000.

The xCP xCelerator Challenge ran from November 2010 to February 2011. All entries were judged by the xCP community and a panel of experts, and the winning teams officially announced during EMC World Las Vegas on 11 May 2011.

Making its first appearance in this development contest, euroscript successfully demonstrated its expertise in EMC | Documentum and related technologies, as well as its ability to create innovative technology solutions of excellent design and development quality.

The xCP xCelerator Challenge is a worldwide contest that invites EMC | Documentum customers, partners and employees to submit working xCelerators to the xCP community. As such, the contest is EMC's opportunity to recognize and reward customers, partners and employees for their increasing expertise in xCP technology and their contributions to the xCP community.

An xCelerator is one or more assets that can be used to accelerate the creation, adoption and/or implementation of an xCP solution. It is not necessarily a complete running application; it is designed to accelerate application development by providing key pieces of functionality.

Winner of "Best Sample Application" category

Trip Planner

The Trip Planner illustrates the benefits of xCP through the creation of a business process that exists in every organization: the management of travel requests.

Trip Planner enables travel costs to be reduced by cutting the time required by employees to manage their travel requests and prepare their business trips. Every step has been designed to simplify employees' lives and improve efficiency.

-Travel requests on paper or in electronic format (PDF, HTML);
-Travel request acceptance supported by built-in (web-based) approval workflows;
-After approval and bookings, a complete travel memo is generated by the application and submitted to the employee.
-The memo is readable on any smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc.) as well as on other devices such as laptops, tablet PCs, etc. It integrates useful information such as iCalendar invitations, Google Maps, Twitter and Facebook posts, travel vouchers, etc.

Benefits for the company:

-Process improvement and better control of the management of travel requests;
-Significant increase in the quality of service provided to both employees and managers (e.g. reporting tools);
-Facilitates travel cost control and compliance with travel policies.

The Trip Planner builds on EMC | Documentum v6.6 and also makes use of the PDF Form Reader, euroscript's second winning asset.

The Trip Planner received 43% of community votes. For a complete poll overview, see:

Winner of "Best xCelerator Asset" category PDF Form Reader

The PDF Form Reader xCelerator illustrates the benefits of xCP; it easily implements a business process in organizations thanks to reusable components. PDF Form Reader is able to read and extract data from Adobe PDF forms. This data can be used to update the metadata of the document, or as process variables (which can be freely used, controlled, transformed or enriched during the rest of the process).

The PDF Form Reader received 83% of community votes. For a complete poll overview, see:


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