Product family fuel oil de-aerators

The automatic AFRISO fuel oil de-aerators are fully odour-tight and suitable for fuel oil EL, diesel, biofuel and biodiesel (PresseBox) (Güglingen, ) AFRISO provides a complete product family of automatic fuel oil de-aerators for continuous de-aeration in single-line, oil-fired systems. Depending on the requirements, the fuel oil de-aerators are available with one or two float chambers, integrated shut-off valve, pressure gauge and different oil filters and sieves which allow for maximum filtering of particles even at minimum oil flow rates. Automatic de-aeration eliminates malfunctions and removes the danger of leaks in the return pipe going unnoticed. De-aerators with safety float chamber reliably prevent oil from escaping. The stop valve can be closed to check the suction capacity of the burner pump.

The pressure gauge indicates the degree of filter pollution and the possible, static pre-pressure.

The TÜV-tested de-aerators are designed for nozzle capacities of up to 100 l/h and return flow rates of up to 120 l/h; they are suitable for oil temperatures and ambient temperatures of up to 60 °C. The de-aerators are connected to the tank by means of G3/8 female threads and to the burner by means of G3/8 male thread with cone for connection of the burner hoses. Installation with de-aeration hose meets the PROOFED BARRIER requirements - the system is then fully odour-tight. The automatic AFRISO fuel oil de-aerators are suitable for fuel oil EL (DIN 51603-1), diesel (EN 590), biofuel (EN 14213) and biodiesel (EN 14214) with up to 20 % FAME. All versions with metal de-aerator hood can also be used with biofuel and biodiesel with up to 100 % FAME.


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