WATCHDOG WWG water alarm

The WATCHDOG WWG water alarm monitors for unwanted water (PresseBox) (Güglingen, ) The new AFRISO WATCHDOG WWG water alarm is used to detect conductive liquids in rooms originating from broken pipes, leaks, backpressure and flooding as well as to monitor collector basins, access chambers, pipe or cable ducts and during storage and transport of conductive liquids. The WWG water alarm consists of a signal unit and a wall rail probe or a floor probe; the signal unit and the probe can be installed up to 50 m apart. The signal unit contains all display elements and controls as well as two voltage-free output relays. If unwanted conductive liquids are detected, the unit generates a visual and audible alarm; the alarm sound can be muted at the device and externally (acknowledge function). The WWG water alarm only resumes normal operation when the probe is no longer in contact with liquid. The WATCHDOG WWG water alarm is supplied with AC 230 V. It is designed for easy wall-mounting or installation in control cabinets or control panels (optional mounting frame required). WATCHDOG alarms can also be retrofitted for use in rough environments with dirt and splash water (IP 54) by means of a seal kit. In order to achieve maximum reliability, it is possible to connect AFRISO event reporting systems to the WWG water alarm. In the case of an alarm, the person in charge can then be notified via E-Mail, SMS or phone.


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