Labels in endurance testing with gentle air circulation

Schreiner Group relies on environmental simulation chamber from BINDER for climate testing
Binder MKF 240 (PresseBox) (Tuttlingen, ) Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG headquartered in Oberschleißheim, Germany (near Munich) is among the leading suppliers of self-adhesive labels and functional components for the pharmaceutical and other technical industries. Professional labeling solutions distinguish themselves primarily through readability, functionality and durability. To test this, Schreiner Group uses an MKF 240 climate chamber from BINDER for climatic testing in accordance with OEM test specifications.

Particularly important when testing the labels is the uniform low speed of the gentle air circulation made possible by the APT.line(TM) preheating chamber technology. The defined test setup remains unaffected and the results analyzable. With conventional chambers, the specimens are thrown into turmoil - the test can easily be disregarded.

With the large number of test requirements for new substrate materials, adhesives and ever more powerful chips, Schreiner Group values intuitive operation over display control. It makes it possible to easily create or edit smaller programs on the display control directly without having to use a PC. The price/performance ratio is also looked at favorably, as well as the standard complete equipment and warranties.

The BINDER chamber is equipped with a responsive steam humidification system for perfect test conditions. In addition, the drift-free capacitive humidity sensor makes exact measurements possible. The BINDER MKF can be used with any quality of water. The BINDER PURE AQUA SERVICE makes operating the chamber independent of water quality possible because the water treatment system is connected upstream of the chamber, allowing the use of even poor water quality. For operation without a tap water supply, BINDER offers the option of external water canisters, making it possible to operate the chamber entirely without inflow and outflow: an optimal, low maintenance humidification system adapted to the conditions at the customer's site.

The material properties are tested at temperatures ranging from -40 to 130 degrees Celcius. 85 °C / 85% rh or 60 °C / 90% rh provide reliable conclusions about the anticipated service life of the labels. This long-term testing can take up to 2000 hours based on the application. The aging process, for example, of an antenna mount adhesion is accelerated. The MKF 240 meets the highest standards of reliability in operation, parameter accuracy and uniformity when loaded.

Comprehensive standard equipment such as heated viewing windows with LED lighting, Ethernet interface and options such as the BINDER Data Logger Kits for easy collection of measured values are also available from BINDER. The series units can also be updated with specific equipment details based on the customer's requirements.

Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG

Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1951 as a factory specializing in embossed seal stamps and labels. Today, the high-tech company employs 700 people worldwide and has annual revenues of 110 million Euro. The company's portfolio includes innovative labeling solutions and functional components, self-adhesive specialty labels, safety solutions for product and document protection, RFID labels, printed electronics and multifunctional film solutions. Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG offers customized products for customers in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, technical industry, logistics, automotive and electronics industries, as well as for banks and government agencies.


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