New USB High-Speed Hub Controller ICs of Terminus Tech introduced by Display Solution AG

Dual- and Dual-Charging High-Speed Hub Controller IC FE4.1, FE4.3 and FE1.1s (UCS Universal Charging Solution)
High Speed Hub Controller ICs (PresseBox) (Gilching, ) Display Solution AG and Terminus Technology annouces new low-cost, high quality and ultra low power USB High Speed Hub Controller ICs.

The FE4.3 USB 2.0 Dual-Charging-Port Hub Controller is especially designed to provide USB battery charging capabilities (fully compliant with USB-IF Battery Charging Specification Rev. 1.1 & Rev. 1.2) to battery operated portable system, that is, adding USB Charging Downstream Ports to notebook or netbook type of systems. The FE4.3 is able to communicate with the power management control module of the system and perform versatile charging behavior control based on the system power source status and battery condition.

The FE4.1 USB 2.0 High-Speed Dual-Port hub with special features to support USB dongle type of applications – which are compound devices with either two embedded devices, or one embedded device plus one open downstream port. To fit into such a tight and closed environment as the USB dongle type of applications, the FE4.1 features tiny footprint and extreme low power consumption. And to further reduce the component count, the FE4.1 provides TWO clock outputs – one of 12MHz and one of 24 MHz for its downstream devices as clock source.

The FE1.1s USB 2.0 High-Speed 4-Port Hub Controller with special features to support GSMA “Universal Charging Solution (UCS)”. The FE1.1s is a highly integrated, high quality and high performance solution for USB 2.0 4 Port Hub. It is the best choice for embedded application as well as standalone hub. FE1.1s could be optionally configured to support Charging Downstream Ports as defined by USB-IF Battery Charging Specification ( both Rev. 1.1 & Rev. 1.2). With this feature enabled, an USB hub could be easily transformed into a charging station – USB Charging Hub for Universal Charging Solution compliant battery based portable devices.


• High performance, high quality
• Low power consumption
• Highly integrated, low pin count, extreme small footprint
• Low component count, easy to implement
• Effective transmission over 10 meters
• USB-IF & Windows 7 Certified
• Fully compliant to Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev. 2.0
• Fully compliant to Battery Charging Specification Rev. 1.1 & Rev. 1.2
• Embedded 5-to-3.3V Regulator
• Integrated USB 2.0 Transceivers
• Integrated Single Transaction Translator (STT)
• Best LED Lighting Technology Applied
• Excellent performance on CE/FCC both in EMI and ESD
• FE1.1s support external PID/VID customization
• FE1.1s support Universal Charging Solution UCS

All hub controller series products from Terminus guarantees high quality by Design-For-Testing with comprehensive scan chains and Built-In-Self-Test modes which could exercise all High-, Full- and Low-Speed Analog Front End (AFE) components during the packaging and testing stages.


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