Paperless documentation with FarmPilot

(PresseBox) (Gütersloh, ) With the latest release of FarmPilot, farmers and contractors can now avail of a ‘paperless documentation’ function.

FarmPilot is the manufacturer-independent online portal that connects agricultural machinery, end devices, and software programs with one another. This will enable farmers and contractors to exercise optimum control over their equipment and operating processes using FarmPilot. FarmPilot works continuously to meet the requirements of farmers and contractors even more effectively.

The introduction of the innovative ‘paperless documentation’ function will allow users to electronically record their services directly using their mobile end device in future. Important information on operating processes can be entered on site – eliminating both time-wasting and scraps of paper. The forms required for this are individually created in FarmPilot and are tailored to suit the task at hand. Data created in the portal is stored centrally and can be accessed again, for example, for billing. The bottom line is that the user spends less time on administration and more time on their core business, while all the time increasing transparency.

Paperless documentation is part of job management in the Basic, Plus, and Professional service levels and is therefore always included in these packages.

You will find more information about FarmPilot on our website at FarmPilot: Increasing the level of success in agriculture!


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