Plasmid DNA for the most exacting requirements

New production facility successfully put into operation
(PresseBox) (Bielefeld, ) PlasmidFactory's new facility for the production of high purity plasmid DNA is now operating successfully in new, modern labs. Plasmid DNA of the highest quality is being produced in the new premises in accordance with the EMEA guideline CHMP/BWP/2458/03. To ensure product safety, substances of animal origin are not used at any stage of the entire process, guaranteeing maximum possible product purity by reliable exclusion of contaminants such as bacterial chromosomal DNA or damaged plasmids. Only one plasmid is produced in each area - different plasmids are not produced in parallel in the same area.

"High Quality Grade plasmid DNA is produced in our facility based on PlasmidFactory's research cell bank (RCB) and the very effective, patented 'ccc' Grade DNA technology” Dr. Martin Schleef, CEO of PlasmidFactory explains. PlasmidFactory applies a number of quality controls both to the cell bank and to the plasmid DNA product, so that the final result is a product designed especially for your application and that complies with the appropriate regulatory standards. Amongst other applications, PlasmidFactory´s High Quality Grade plasmid DNA is used in the GMP-compliant production of recombinant viruses, antibodies and RNA for clinical trials.


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