ARM Cortex-A8 based System on Module

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TDM-3730 from TechNexion (PresseBox) (Quickborn, ) Texim Europe recently introduced the TDM-3730, ARM Cortex-A8 based System on Module from TechNexion. This module is powered by the TI DM3730 application processor with Cortex-A8 ARM CPU, 800MHz DSP Core and POWERVR SGX 530 for 2D and 3D graphics acceleration. The TDM-3730 features 512MB low power mobile DDR RAM (optional: up to 1GB) and 512MB NAND Flash and has a power consumption lower than 2W, standby 50mW (max.). The 200 pin SO-DIMM connector offers a large set of interfaces making the TDM-3730 ideal for industrial and multimedia applications.

A complete software stack on the TDM-3730 gives you the flexibility to customize your I/O baseboard design simple and fast without additional software programming. The TDM-3730 can be manufactured according to commercial, extended and industrial specifications.

Board Support Packages (BSP) is available to create your own applications ranging from Windows CE to Linux and Android. All schematics and board design files, as well as Gerbers of the standard TechNexion baseboards are freely available. TechNexion also offers the possibility of creating a custom tailored baseboard design.

The 200 pin SO-DIMM connector offers a large set of interfaces such as: SPI, UART, USB host, USB OTG/client, I2C, PWM lines, 1-wire, MMC lines, A/D lines, camera, audio in/out, mic, keypad, S-Video, displays interface and 10/100Mbps LAN.

Complete TDM-3730 plug and play development kit

Texim Europe also supplies the Blizzard, the TechNexion development kit for the TDM-3730. This development kit contains a 4.3” or 7” touch enabled display, a TDM-3730W, an interface board and a 12V/60W power adaptor.

The Blizzard interface board is pre-loaded with working software and all tools to assist you to validate performance and explore additional possibilities without the need to invest a huge amount of time and resources upfront.

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