EUROstor is a Certified Partner of Nexenta Systems Inc.

ES-2800 Storage Appliances and Nexenta Software: the dream team for storage servers and highly available clusters on a ZFS basis
ES-2800 Nexenta iSCSI/NAS RAID - 24 2.5 (PresseBox) (Filderstadt, ) With the ES-2800 series EUROstor is offering a storage server accessible via NAS (NFS, CIFS), iSCSI and Fibre Channel, featuring high performance and reliability. This is possible due to the cooperation with Nexenta Systems Inc., as EUROStor uses NexentaStor, the software of the company, in these solutions.

Nexenta Software is based upon Open Solaris, with ZFS as the file system. The advantage of ZFS: all modifications are recorded, thus ensuring the integrity of the file system at any time. Inconsistencies resulting from defective hard disks, the so-called "stealth errors", which often go unnoticed by hardware RAID controllers, are corrected automatically. Besides, the system supports any number of snapshots, RAID levels up to three-fold parity, deduplication and data replication. Moreover, due to the support of SSD as cache memory, transfer rates of up to 120.000 IOPS may be achieved with these systems.

On the basis of the ES-2800 systems even cluster solutions may be configured. Two of the appliances constitute a HA cluster, allowing access to shared hard disks in the JBOD. In case this JBOD is mirrored onto a second one this results in a completely redundant high availability solution.

As a certified partner of Nexenta, EUROstor is authorized and capable of offering such cluster solutions and, above all, to install these directly at the customers' premises.

"Since we have been successfully offering products on the basis of Nexenta software for some time, certification was an important move", says Franz Bochtler, president of EUROstor. "Thus our customers feel confident that we are the right business partners for them, while enabling us to increasingly offer high availability solutions for storage applications of crucial importance for the company."

The price, for a ES-2800 iSCSI and NAS server with 24 2.5" hard disk slots, Nexenta software, partially equipped with 12 x 600 GB 10K SAS, for example, amounts to € 8,318.10 including VAT (€ 6,990.- without VAT).


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