The Prepaid utility feature: Accurate information – best decisions

Sustaining the ability of payment
(PresseBox) (Paderborn, ) The complementary aspects of cost reduction and revenue enhancement promise utilities a multitude of new opportunities. One of them is pre-paid utility usage. There are obvious benefits for utilities to employ prepaid electricity for non credit-worthy customers as well as advantages for the customer. Orga Systems, #1 choice for real-time charging and billing, offers these services with its SmartEnergy Suite, powered by Orga Systems’ OPSC Gold technology. Its flexibility enables utilities to offer prepaid energy services while adding crucial features such as Emergency Reloads, allowing customers to request temporary credit in emergency situations. Therefore accurate individual and dynamic rating and billing in real-time are ensured at all times, while emergency reload features significantly reduce customer complaints and cost for disconnection/reconnection.

From prepaid to postpaid in emergencies
Orga Systems’ solution prevents customers from being disconnected unintentionally when running out of budget, due to the offer of emergency reloads and temporary credits. Prepaid accounts enable consumers to purchase power without having to put money down for a deposit or going through a credit check. For the energy supplier, disconnecting a user due to his inability of payment or if the account wasn’t reloaded in time, involves very high costs. To contain this scenario, suppliers are now able to seamlessly switch their users into a short term credit-mode reminding them about a grace period for reload through several notifications via SMS before they are disconnected. Orga Systems’ solution keeps track of credits taken and automatically subtracts the amount from the next reload, as well as being able to assign a fee to the use of this service.

Meeting cost-reduction and revenue-generating goals
By using Orga Systems’ SmartEnergy Suite, Energy suppliers can efficiently cope with the challenges of introducing real-time prepayment utility services while avoiding disconnection of customers or having to deal with non-payment of bills. The key is the central IT based system, which ensures accurate pricing and prevents fraud by introducing pre-payment schemes to the customers. OS.Dynamic is also capable of pricing intelligent home automation services and dynamically adjusts to any tariff while meeting regulatory requirements. It allows customers to be informed before making decisions regarding their energy consumption. This strong feature set, as leading analysts predict, could end up to as much as $59 billion in societal benefits by 2019 as well as cutting energy consumption by up to 18%. In the midst of this, real-time information on consumption and processes load is provided, as well as price signals between multiple providers or users and devices.


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