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(PresseBox) (Limburg, ) The foundation of a new subsidiary in the United Kingdom, the stake in the Finnish company Novatron and the record result of 51 million Euro in 2010 demonstrates that MOBA Mobile Automation AG is still on the road to success. In 2010 MOBA continued the long-time rising tendency and thus, in spite of the slight decrease in turnover during the previous two years, emerged from the global economic crises stronger than before. This is a result of the forward-looking company policy as well as the positive development of Asian markets, where MOBA is successfully active since ten years, and the rapid stabilization of the US market.
In the past ten years the company’s turnover increased from about 19.1 million Euro in 2000 to almost 51 million Euro in 2010. In the last decade, its number of employees from 142 in 2000 to 354 in 2010, including 19 trainees and more than 60 development and software engineers in its own research and development departments.
With about 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing mobile electronics, identification systems and weighing technology for construction machinery and waste disposal vehicles, MOBA is a successful system specialist and OEM supplier in the field of mobile automation.
In addition to the company’s headquarters in Limburg, branch offices are located in Dresden and Langenlonsheim. Eight subsidiary companies worldwide and an international dealer network ensure that MOBA is represented in the relevant growth markets of its business field.


MOBA technologies are in demand wherever vehicles or self-propelled machinery carry out complex work functions. This requires “intelligent” electronics and control systems. MOBA was one of the first companies in the automation sector that focused on modular, open systems and CAN technology and this way created flexible products that are smoothly adaptable and extensible.
MOBA produces high end sensors, regulation and control systems as well as panels and devices for the communication between human and machine. With the new product platform, MOBA offers a broad field of customized controllers, sensors and HMIs for the flexible integration into different systems and applications.

Business field

MOBA develops and produces systems and components in the fields of earthmoving and mining, road construction, environmental technologies, logistics and safety technologies. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) MOBA cooperates closely with the research and development teams of renowned machine manufacturers around the world.
In the sector earthmoving and mining as well as road construction, MOBA equips dozers, graders, kilvers, drilling machines, milling machines, street pavers, hot mix asphalt pavers and concrete pavers and rollers. Typical applications are leveling, leveling and slope control, material flow, temperature and ignition control, 3D control units, customized hardware and software development as well as freely programmable control units. For the sectors environmental technologies and logistics, MOBA develops and supplies identification technology and mobile weighing equipment, also used for applications on agricultural machinery, as well as onboard electronics and software solutions for waste disposal and other municipal utility/communal vehicles. With systems for distance measurement and load control, MOBA delivers safety technologies for aerial work platforms/lifting platforms and mobile cranes.


With the increase in production capacity and the further professionalization in the year 2010 MOBA set the course for a further global expansion. The stake in the Finnish company Novatron, developer and manufacturer of control systems for excavators, enabled MOBA to expand the company’s product and technology portfolio. With the Novatron excavator systems, MOBA offers a more complete spectrum of control systems for earthmoving machines
MOBA also strengthened its international position. The company was able to react at an early stage to the dynamic developments of the growth markets in the US and Asia by building up its own international dealer network and by the founding subsidiary companies around the world. MOBA will expand its business activities to South American countries, which offer a high potential as future growth markets. But also European markets will be further developed.

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