Distance measurement with the MOBA DSM-500 ultrasound measurement system

DSM-500 sensor (PresseBox) (Limburg, ) The first system that measures the projection length of columns, for example on cranes or aerial work platforms, the MOBA Duplex Sonic Meter DSM-500 from MOBA Mobile Automation AG works with ultrasonic sensors. The variable, stageless measurement of projection distances of columns enables the maximum utilization of the machine in question. Thanks to its contact-free functionality, the system is wear- and maintenance-free. The redundant measurement procedure of the TÜV-certified system makes for safer bracing of machines.

The system, made up of two CANopen sensors, variably measures the projection length of columns in a measuring range of up to five meters. The DSM-500 works with the transmitter-receiver principle: a sensor sends an acoustic pulse, the opposing receiver sensor on the projecting column determines the projection length of the column from the time interval of the first arriving pulse. The shortest path to the ultrasound signal is thereby always used for measurement. Barriers in the measuring range, such as cables, do not distort the result. Both sensors work both as transmitters and receivers, meaning exact and reliable measurement values are achieved through this redundant "double" measurement.

Precise measurement values for maximum projection lengths

The measurement values are transmitted in real-time to the control system of the machine. The exact column lengths of every single column are therefore available. With this information, the maximum projection length of the crane or platform can be determined. The compact design of the sensors makes simple mounting possible. Due to its robust and wear-free production, the DSM-500 with protection class IP67 is optimally suited for use under extremely difficult conditions and at temperatures of -20 to +85° Celsius.


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