The MOBA MPC-680 Controller – designed for mobile automation

MPC-680 (PresseBox) (Limburg, ) The redundant MPC-680 Controller from MOBA Mobile Automation AG can be used whenever the reliable monitoring and control of mobile machines is required. Thanks to its redundant functionality, the TÜV-tested controller (SK 3) provides additional security: the MPC-680 is composed of two identical CPUs which monitor each other, thereby enabling the safe and reliable control of mobile machines.

For example, when used on aerial work platforms, the MPC-680 monitors and controls the projection length of columns and the basket: using the values transmitted by the sensors, the controller forwards the respective commands to the control mechanics of the machine so that the basket is only projected as far as the columns can guarantee stability. If a safety-relevant component of the machine malfunctions, the controller immediately moves the machine into a safe position.

Robust design for reliable performance

Thanks to the compact design and the special casting type, the MPC-680 is suitable for use under extreme conditions and withstands environmental factors such as dampness, vibrations and dust. With an operating temperature range of -30 to +80° Celsius, the controller features a very low sensitivity to temperature and is optimally suited for use in mobile machines.

Individually configurable for flexible application

The controller can be integrated into all kinds of systems. It features a total of four CAN-interfaces, 16 analog and 20 digital inputs as well as 40 PWM and 28 digital I/O outputs. The MPC-680 is CoDeSys-programmable and can thereby be adjusted to the demands of the machine in question as well as be easily integrated into all kinds of systems.


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