On-board computer for waste disposal vehicles: Control waste collection with the Operand D

MOBA Operand D (PresseBox) (Limburg, ) Specially designed for use in waste disposal vehicles, all waste-collection applications, such as tour and data display as well as identification and weighing, can be controlled with the MOBA Operand D on-board computer directly on the vehicle with only one panel. Waste disposal companies can save time and money by electronically processing orders with the MOBA Operand. Errors that can occur during manual entering are prevented.

During collection, the on-board computer automatically shows the order and tour data on the display at the right moment. Additional data can be entered quickly and error-free from a select list by the operator. The electronic transmission of the data collected during the tour to the office makes subsequent processing of orders unnecessary and order management simpler. The integrated navigation function leads the operator from usage site to usage site, and with automatic route recording, a replacement operator can take over the tour with no difficulty.

Optimal overview and simple operation

Proven a thousand times over in daily use, the Operand will win you over with its reliability and user-friendly design. With its special casting type, the robust on-board monitor is made for use in harsh environments. All displays on the 7-inch high-resolution monitor are highly legible even in bright sunlight. The Operand can be operated either via the touch screen or the keyboard, meaning even operation is easy even when the operator is wearing gloves.

Open operating system, flexible expansion

With the open operating system Windows CE, the on-board computer can be integrated into all standard market management software - installations. Due to the variety of possible interfaces, the on-board computer is compatible with the existing vehicle technology.

The Operand can be expanded flexibly; for example, additional radio services can be integrated. Optionally, up to four cameras can be connected so that the operator has an optimal view of the vehicle even when driving backwards or in areas with visual obstructions. If the Operand is used in the context of a weighing and identification system, the on-board computer not only records the automatic container identification and weighings, but also processes orders electronically.

The Operand D has proven itself as a platform product and is used, for example, in the MOBA PAVE-IR(TM) system.


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