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Advanced illumination Ai Quad Mounted Lights QM116, Strobed LED Ring Light RL152, High Intensity Line Light EL158, Dark Field illuminator RL12006
Advanced illumination Ai Quad Mounted Lights QM116 (PresseBox) (München, ) Advanced illumination QM116
The Quad Mount design offers flexibility in a powerful illumination source. Four AL116s are individually mounted to 180? pivoting mounts that lock securely when you reach the desired position. Lights are 24v, each with a separate power cable.

Advanced illumination RL152
The RL152 strobed ring light is designed for multiple camera inspections of bottles and cans. The 8.9” (226mm) diameter light - 3.5” (89mm) inner diamter - provides 360? of illumination, perfect for inspecting either containers or labels. Available with C3 and C5 connectors only.

Advanced illumination EL158
With the innovative EL158, light exits at 30? to horizontal to illuminate defects parallel to the material travel in a line scan application. The light is available in 6” increments up to a maximum 96”, and offers intensity control the length of the light via 10 - 0v input. C3 and 24v versions only.

Advanced illumination RL12006
The dark field RL12006 provides 360? of low angle illumination suitable for inspecting surface flaws or for highlighting specific features on a reflective, flat surface. Can be used in place of either the RL1360 or RL1660. IC, IS, and C5 power options available. White LEDs only.

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