Technagon enables full charging of electric vehicles within one hour

With the new module series for public charging stations, Technagon Engineering increases the maximum loading capacity to 22 kW, allowing a full charging within about 60 minutes for most of the current electric vehicles
Controller SM Public X3 as an OEM integration toolkit for public charging stations (PresseBox) (Grafenau, ) With the module series "Public X3", Technagon presents a modular charging system for charging stations, that is equipped with a maximum charging capacity of 22 kW.

These modules support a variety of charging modes, which are automatically detected and configured by the type of vehicle connected with a power plug according to IEC 62196-2.

The systems are designed for a 3-phase power with in total 32A load current and allow the full charge of an electric vehicle within up to 60 minutes. However, they also support the charge with one- and three-phase at 20A, thus form a complete compatibility with about all electric vehicles on the market.

For the connectivity to the vehicle, the standardized plug type 2 according to IEC 62196-2 is used. Alternatively, the modules can be equipped with household plugs with up to 3.7 kW based on IEC 61851 in mode 1 and mode 2.

For billing, various payment options are provided. Starting from flatrate usage to post-paid payment per invoice, based on a RFID identification, also payment gateways to Paypal and Paybox can be used.

The modules can be bought at Technagon as single OEM integration toolkit or also as fully functional charging station and are available from now.


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