A second chance with com.de

Com.de: As search engines rank according to keywords in domains, it is important to have registered your keywords as domains, even at .com.de (PresseBox) (Koeln, ) Thousands of new "premium" domain names ending with Germany's new extension ".COM.DE" are now available , including:

-valuable keywords and popular search terms - like musik.com.de and chat.com.de
-geographic domains - deutschland.com.de, hollywood.com.de, and every place name in Germany and the whole world is available!
-one and two-character domains - like x.com.de and be.com.de
-domains using German characters - like diät.com.de and grußkarten.com.de

Ben Crawford, CEO of CentralNic, the registry operator for .COM.DE said: "Now is the opportunity for everybody to obtain the German domain names they always wanted, to build websites on or for investment. And the offer is open to anybody - not restricted to German residents."

Any com.de-domain may be requested (except for trademarks and company names already registered and a small list of reserved names). Domains with multiple requests will be auctioned.

Registrations from trademark owners and for registered company names are also being accepetd, with companies such as Birkenstock, Yahoo, Virgin, Rolex SA, Expedia, 3M and Otto Group rushing to register their com.de-domains.

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