TI introduces industry's most accurate current shunt monitor

Complete single-chip solution provides 10 times greater accuracy than competitors
TI introduces industry's most accurate current shunt monitor (PresseBox) (Dallas, ) Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today introduced the industry's most accurate current shunt monitor. With a maximum offset voltage of 10-microvolts (uV) and a maximum gain error of 0.1%, the INA226 is 10 times more accurate than leading competitors. The device is a complete 16-bit, single-chip solution, and provides fully programmable measurements for current, voltage and power across a digital I2C interface. The INA226 benefits designers working with servers, telecom equipment, computers, power management devices and testing equipment, where accurate power measurements are crucial. To order samples and learn more, visit: http://www.ti.com/ina226-preu.

Key features and benefits
- Single-chip digital solution with I2C interface provides current, voltage and power measurements, simplifying board design and layout constraints with no external mux or ADC required.
- Industry leading accuracy with a maximum offset voltage of 10-uV and maximum gain error of 0.1 percent results in greater precision at low currents and allows for using smaller shunt resistors, reducing I*R loss.
- Independently programmable conversion times and sample averaging make it easy to customize to the speed requirements of each system, and reduce software and memory requirements.
- Maximum quiescent current of 420-uA and maximum shutdown current of 2-uA result in efficient operation that consumes 3.5 percent less power than competitors' discrete solutions, even with the INA226's integrated ADC and power mux.
- 140-dB common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) and 36-V common mode voltage (CMV) ensure there is little to no change in offset voltage throughout the entire range of operation, simplifying error analysis.

Availability and pricing
The INA226 is available now in a 10-pin MSOP package, priced at $1.30 in quantities of 1,000.

Tools and support
An evaluation model is available for the INA226, priced at $75, featuring a USB interface and software for configuring and monitoring the performance of the device. An IBIS model is also available for designers to evaluate the INA226.

TI's current sensing portfolio
The INA226 is a powerful addition to TI's current shunt technology portfolio. TI pioneered Zero-Drift architecture and offers high-accuracy and low-drift current shunt monitors that are small, low-power and highly integrated.

For more information and technical support questions, visit the links below:
- Order INA226 samples and evaluation modules: www.ti.com/ina226-preu.
- Get technical support and connect with fellow engineers on the TI E2ETM Community: www.ti.com/ina226e2e-pr.


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