Continued success for selective emitter etching machines from Schmid

Unrivaled process encourages manufacturers to place repeat orders
(PresseBox) (Freudenstadt, ) The Schmid Group's selective emitter technology has proven itself to be the most effective on the market. In the battle to achieve ever higher efficiencies, cell manufacturers depend on wet chemical processes, a fact which is clearly demonstrated in the increasing number of repeat orders for Schmid machines. Whether for extending lines or upgrading existing processes, the company's selective emitter etching machines continue to enjoy triumphant success. Its latest order was received in mid-August from a major Chinese manufacturer.

When it comes to modernizing existing production lines, the choice of technology is crucial to determining whether the outcome will be successful. Schmid's wet chemical process gives cell manufacturers a clear competitive edge with only minimal investment costs required. While laser-based processes for producing selective emitters in monocrystalline cells are only able to increase cell efficiency by around 0.3% through an increase in voltage (and not in short circuit current), the wet chemical process developed by the Schmid Group enables efficiency to be boosted by up to 0.8%, as short circuit current is also increased here. This major increase in efficiency is carried through to the module: This is currently the only process commonly used in the market where this is the case.

The process has rapidly become well-established in the production of high-end solar cells. This is due largely to the wide process window that both allows easy matching to the front side metallization and ensures stability in the back etching process. Thanks to extremely low consumption rates and the use of media commonly used in the PV industry, low total cost of ownership is assured and, coupled with the gain in performance, a very attractive, future-proof balance of costs is achieved.

All those at the Schmid Group believe that the exceptional advantages of the wet chemical process developed in-house at the company's technology center will ensure that it continues to win out over laser-based technologies. This is confirmed in the experiences reported by manufacturers as well as in the latest research findings and publications.

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