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(PresseBox) (Reutlingen, ) eyevis is the number one partner for equipping a control room with professional large screen systems, displays and monitors. They have decades of experience on the sector and have worked on various high security standard projects so far. You can always rely on systems from eyevis, which is why so many security specialists trust our products and us. All over the world, our installations can be found in control centers of different branches, wherever secure environments are necessary.

Over the years, we have gained different partners in order to provide the full service for our clients when it comes to professionally equipping a control room. It is important to have a professional chair, in order for the employees in front of the video wall to stay healthy and focused. When working in the security branch, it is important to remain concentrated all the time, without your hurting back or other factors distracting you.

That is why we work together with other professionals: to give our clients and systems the professional environment they deserve.

The Necessity of Display Systems in a Control Room When your $100 million project is on the line, how much risk are you willing to take? Most likely as little as possible. Mission success, whether you are launching a rocket or managing a security system, often relies on a secure and effective control room, operated by a team of professionals working as a single unit. No matter what the application, one component is often found in these control rooms: a large screen display system. However, are these display systems really necessary in a control room? What are the benefits of having one?

In addition to the aesthetic and marketing benefits, the practical benefits of having a large screen display system in a control room are overwhelming: Firstly, it unifies a control room team, and helps to focus the synergy and attention of the group. Secondly, it allows management and authority figures to instantly assess a situation and take quick, decisive action. Finally, a large display system provides a single place to view multiple source types, and allows for 24/7 operations.

Let's take a closer look at these advantages. In a control room full of operators, each individual person is usually assigned to a specific task. For example, in a security centre, one person is assigned to monitoring security camera feeds, another to alarm systems, another to access codes, and so forth. This configuration is essential, because different professionals specialize in different components of the overall task at hand. However, this can also result in a loss of central focus-if each person becomes too invested in his or her individual job, the control room can become uncoordinated and inefficient, which can have severe consequences. This is where a large screen display comes into effect. With a continuously updated mission summary shown at the front of a control room, the operators can focus on their individual tasks while keeping updated on the grand scheme with just a glance towards the front of the room. In the example of the security centre, this means that when an alarm is tripped, the security camera operator can provide a feed of that area while the access operator can lock down that sector. In this case, the display system effectively ensures the old adage that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Of course, the benefits don't only apply to the operators in the room. When a manager faces a situation in which an important decision must be made, he or she wants clear, accurate information as quickly as possible. Walking into a control room for a situation report can be an intimidating and confusing predicament, especially during an alarm or crisis. This is another reason why a display system is so helpful-with a single glance, managers and authority figures can instantly assess a situation because all of the necessary information is neatly displayed on a giant screen at the front of the control room. In a time-sensitive situation that requires swift action, this clarity cannot be replicated in a verbal report or on an individual operator's monitor; a large screen display system is the most effective way to give the decision-makers the information they need. This significantly lowers the risk of poor decision-making and a ruined project or facility. For this exact reason, it's also important that the information is readily available at all hours of the day or night. Many people ask, "Can't the operators' individual station LCD monitors accomplish the same tasks that a large screen display does?" The answer, of course, is no. Of the many discrepancies in their performance abilities, one of the greatest separating factors between a large screen display and the individual operator LCDs is the ability to function around the clock. It goes without saying that for such an essential control room investment, the reliability and functionality of the large screen display is paramount; large screen display systems are often designed to be operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round. Individual desk LCD monitors simply cannot handle the long hours of operation that a large screen display can. This is particularly true when static images must be displayed (such as a security camera feed or the valve systems of a refinery), because while most operator desk monitors are subject to burn-in or "ghost"

effects, rear-projection cube systems are much more resilient to these problems. This means that on a large display, you can show the same image 90% of the time, but have no disruptive screen effects in the event that you need to display a new image or feed.

Aside from the strictly operation-based benefits, a large screen display system can be a highly impressive tool to show to visitors and investors of your company. A neatly organized, well-focused control room sends a strong message about your company values, and emphasizes a healthy concern for structure, functionality, and efficiency.

Large screen display systems will help to unify your control room, provide clear and instant information, are undoubtedly a worthy investment for control rooms in every application. Additionally, their high performance and impressive appeal will add tangible and intangible value to your overall company.


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