Record low silicon consumption achieved by Sovello

Leading wafer innovation
(PresseBox) (Thalheim, Germany, ) At only 135µm thickness, Sovello produces the world’s thinnest crystalline wafers used in a photovoltaic industrial manufacturing process. As an integrated manufacturer Sovello is now in a position to produce wafers and cells far thinner than any other PV manufacturer. The pilot manufacturing of these cells is in ongoing ramp-up.

Sovello Chief Technology Officer, Hans-Jörg Axmann explains: “For several years Sovello has been independently developing STRING RIBBON™ products. We are the first company to reach this break-through which has been an objective of the PV Industry for many years. I am truly excited we have achieved this milestone. This program demonstrates the specific advantages and potential of our unique innovative technology.”

The specific advantage of this technology: Sovello produces wafers with less than half the silicon and energy consumption required by traditional wafer sawing processes.

Sovello CEO, Dr. Theodor (Ted) Scheidegger adds: ”Sovello’s thinner wafers and cells now allow an even more intelligent use of resources - this accompanied by continued high efficiency of our solar modules securing outstanding energy yield for our customers. Already now we contribute in a meaningful way to low impact renewable energy generation and reduction of greenhouse gases for the benefit of future generations.”


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