E981.08 interface chip is first device worldwide to pass conformance tests according to PSI5 specification V1.3

For safe connection of up to 12 distributed sensors
Elmos E981.08 (PresseBox) (Stutensee (Germany), ) Gleichmann Electronics now offers the E981.08 interface chip from Elmos Semiconductor. The E981.08 is the first integrated circuit worldwide that has passed the conformance tests according to the Peripheral Sensor Interface 5 (PSI5) specification V1.3, conducted by an external test lab recommended by the PSI5 consortium.

PSI5 is an open standard for bidirectional digital sensor data transmission in vehicles. Compared to the usual analog options used so far - for connecting distributed sensors for the control and regulation of airbag systems, chassis and powertrain - this digital sensor data transmission solution has advantages particularly with respect to improved robustness and reliability as well as lower costs.

With PSI5-P, PSI5-U and PSI5-D, the E981.08 supports all of the applicable topologies described in the PSI5 specification. It provides four independent channels through which up to three distributed sensors each can be connected to a microcontroller. Each channel supplies the sensor devices, connected via a low-cost two-wire line, with a regulated DC voltage.

The bidirectional communication between microcontroller and sensors takes place by means of current or voltage modulation also via the two-wire line. The maximum transmission rate of 125 kbit/s is between that in LIN networks and CAN networks by comparatively lower wiring expenditure.

In addition to the 981.08 PSI5 interface chip with four channels, the E981.07 version with two channels is also available. For detailed information about the E981.08 and E981.07 and samples, please send an email to Elmos@msc-ge.com.

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