Photovoltaics Innovation Alliance: Inventux research project receives funding

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) Inventux Technologies AG, together with partners PvcomB, NEXT ENERGY and Hüttinger Elektronik, is beginning a research project funded by the Photovoltaics Innovation Alliance established by the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) and the BMU (Federal Ministry for the Environment). The goal of the project is to increase the efficiency above 12%, while at the same time doubling the deposition rate of the solar cell. Both achievements would lead to a sustainable reduction in manufacturing costs, thereby helping micromorph technology maintain its competitive edge.

The research project, coordinated by Inventux, is divided into two sub-projects. The first part is focused on boosting module efficiency in both micromorph tandem cells and in an advanced triple cell structure. Researchers from PvcomB and NEXT ENERGY will perform the preliminary experimental work. In cooperation with Hüttinger Elektronik and the two research institutes, the second part is focused on optimizing PECVD systems using highly efficient and reliable generators in order to achieve a significant increase in throughput while maintaining high cell quality. The experimental work will be carried out together with Inventux and later integrated into serial production.

Roland Sillmann, Chief Technology Officer at Inventux: "The funding provided through the Photovoltaics Innovation Alliance is independent confirmation of the future viability of micromorph technology. This further strengthens our role as a technology leader while ensuring that the potential for reducing production costs through increased efficiency will be thoroughly investigated."

The Innovation Alliance has approved a budget for Inventux and its partners totalling EUR 6.8 million in funding to apply to the project over a period of three years. Included in this amount is a minimum 50 percent contribution from the companies.

The BMBF and BMU established the incentive programme in summer 2010 to help strengthen the competiveness of the German photovoltaic industry in order to mitigate the impact of declining feed-in tariffs. The programme is particularly focused on encouraging cooperation along the value chain in order to facilitate the transfer of technology from laboratories to applied industrial processes.


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