OpenLDAP for Windows: Release 2.4.26 published

OpenLDAP logo (PresseBox) (Langen, ) OpenLDAP Software is a free, open source implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) developed by the OpenLDAP Project. It is released under its own BSD-style license called the OpenLDAP Public License.

maxcrc GmbH is happy to announce a new release of OpenLDAP for Windows. Now it supports four backend engines out of the box including Microsoft SQL server. The configuration of the backend modules is fully automated so, when installing the software, you can pass this step with a couple of clicks. Additionally it contains a rich functionality of overlays. You can learn more about this from this article (

The release is based on the latest software 2.4.26 from OpenLDAP Software (

You can download OpenLDAP for Windows from (


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