IFRA Expo 2011: ContiTech Presents Four Printing Blanket Highlights in Vienna

New metal printing blanket for waterless offset printing / First newspaper printing blanket from PHOENIX Xtra BLANKETS / 100th anniversary of printing blanket production
(PresseBox) (Hanover/Vienna, ) ContiTech Elastomer Coatings is presenting four high-tech printing blankets at the IFRA Expo 2011 (October 10-12, 2011, Vienna/Austria, booth B470). The blankets make for better printing results that are more economical and eco friendly. The CONTI-AIR® STEEL CTZ 71 printing blanket is the advanced, climate-friendly solution for waterless offset printing, the CONTI-AIR® ENTROPIA-TR 2 newspaper printing blanket withAir2 technology stands for stable production conditions, and the tried-and-tested CONTI-AIR® Evolution-TR blanket ensures top ink transfer combined with neutral paper feed. The very first newspaper printing blanket of the PHOENIX Xtra BLANKETS brand, the Phoenix Journal, was developed especially for high-speed rotary newspaper presses. With its two brands, ContiTech demonstrates its wide-ranging competence in the field of newspaper printing.

CONTI-AIR® STEEL CTZ 71: ideal for waterless offset printing

The new CONTI-AIR® STEEL CTZ 71 metal printing blanket - based on the earlier type CE 51/71 - is a well-engineered and climate-friendly solution for waterless newspaper offset printing. It impresses with its excellent ink transfer, maximum precision and high printing quality. In addition, this blanket displays a slight negative transport behavior, which provides for a good paper web tension and thus lower temperatures on the plate and the printing blanket surface. "Thanks to these properties, the ink buildup is less compared to the earlier type CE51/71, and the Drives of the Press are running more neutrally as well, particularly in waterless offset printing," says Markus Gnass, head of Application Engineering and Sales at ContiTech Elastomer Coatings. "This shortens the washing intervals and reduces the consumption of washing agents and energy for the machine drives." The CONTI-AIR® metal printing blanket also stands out due to its uniform thickness (plane parallelism), which guarantees uniform printing results over the entire length and width.

For waterless offset printing applications, ContiTech is offering the CONTI-AIR® STEEL series, advanced metal printing blankets that are also certified as climate-friendly by the renowned Ostwestfalen-Lippe University.

CONTI-AIR® ENTROPIA-TR 2: Newspaper printing blanket with Air2 technology

ENTROPIA-TR 2, a blanket based on what is referred to as Air2 technology and equipped with an additional compressible layer beneath the cover, also enjoys wide recognition among customers in the newspaper printing sector. "The ENTROPIA-TR 2 blanket ensures uniform engine power consumption and guarantees stable production conditions," explains Jan Jungmann, head of Printing Blanket Development at ContiTech Elastomer Coatings. Thanks chiefly to its defined low-sink characteristics, the ENTROPIA-TR 2's unique design with the two compressible layers allows it to exhibit a very high degree of stability on four-high units. Further special properties are a slight negative paper feed characteristic and a dampened temperature build-up during printing.

CONTI-AIR® Evolution-TR: top ink transfer

The tried-and-tested CONTI-AIR® EVOLUTION-TR newspaper printing blanket is characterized by its excellent ink transfer, neutral feed characteristics and good paper release. It is thus ideal for use on four-high units in particular. "Gapping - the term used when adjacent blankets stray from one another - is prevented by using a special fabric construction," says Jungmann. Throughout the life of the printing blanket, the printer can rely on uniformly good register accuracy. The construction consisting of a compressible layer and a special cover also provides for superb smash resistance and excellent printing results on all grades of paper.

Phoenix Journal: Innovation for high-speed rotary newspaper presses

Phoenix Journal, the first newspaper printing blanket from PHOENIX Xtra BLANKETS, is ideal for non-shaft satellite newspaper printing machines as well as for the four-high towers. Equipped with two low-stretch, hydrophobized carcass fabrics and a highly resistant, specially rough-ground surface, the printing blanket ensures stable and reliable production conditions and a significant reduction in paper dust buildup. Its slightly negative paper feed characteristics ensure smooth paper flow and uniformly low power input to the motors in the case of independent drives. With the Phoenix Journal, ContiTech Elastomer Coatings offers an innovative and stable product that is ideally suited to the needs of offset customers in the newsprint sector.

100 years of printing blankets from ContiTech

With trail-blazing processes and a research and development ever geared to the future, ContiTech has shaped the printing blanket branch for a century. Whether with the development of the first rubber printing blanket in 1911, the trail-blazing expansion process for compressible printing blankets (registered for a patent in 1961), the debut of the CONTI-AIR® brand in 1969 or the world's first ever climate-neutral printing blankets in 2010 - printing blankets from ContiTech have continually and sustainably established themselves on the world market.


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