PMDTechnologies Bundles PMD[vision]® CamCube High Resolution 3D Camera with Omek Interactive's Beckon(TM) SDK

New PMD[vision]® CamCube Bundle Provides a Complete Solution for Creating Compelling Interactive Experiences
Gesture recognition on highest level (PresseBox) (Siegen, ) September 12, 2011 – Siegen, Germany – PMDTechnologies announced today that as part of a PMD[vision]® CamCube Bundle purchase, users are entitled to a complimentary copy of the Omek Beckon™ Development Suite, especially optimized for the PMD[vision]® CamCube 3.0 based on the latest PMD chip generation. The bundle enables developers to incorporate applications and solutions with natural and intuitive gesture-based interfaces across a wide variety of target platforms, including interactive digital signage, multimedia, robotics, security & surveillance, medical devices and more.

The PMD[vision]® CamCube 3.0 is the highest resolution all-solid-state 3D TOF (time-of-flight) camera available. The CamCube 3.0’s image sensor, with 200x200 pixel resolution, makes it possible to capture real-time distance and grayscale information. The PMD technology, which has been used in mass production since 2005, offers stable performance even under difficult environmental conditions. The high sensitivity and improved pixel performance of the new PhotonICs® PMD 41k-S2 lead to precise depth accuracy even at high distances and high 3D frame rates. Thanks to integrated SBI technology (suppression of background illumination) the camera can be deployed in indoor as well as outdoor environments. An integrated ROI functionality (Region-of-Interest) enables flexible, application-specific lateral resolution and frame rate, and the new hardware trigger allows easy synchronization with other systems. For advanced image processing, the camera provides raw data as well as new algorithms in order to evaluate and verify the 3D data quality.
The Omek Beckon™ Development Suite is a full-featured set of middleware and tools that enables you to add gesture-based interfaces to your applications and devices. Using Omek Beckon™ with your PMD[vision]® CamCube 3.0 gives you a complete solution for creating interactive experiences that utilize advanced 3D body-tracking and gesture recognition capabilities. The Beckon™engine uses the scene data provided by the PMD[vision]® CamCube 3.0 to identify humans in the scene and apply a skeletal framework to their forms. You can map the joints of your user's bodies to specific functions of your software, or use poses or specific movements – gestures – as ways to control your application. The Beckon™ SDK runs on standard Windows and Linux PCs, and provides APIs for the most common development languages to access the scene intelligence at the shadow, skeleton, or gesture level. The included APIs support C++, C# (including Mono), and Flash, as well as plug-ins for the .NET framework and the Unity and OGRE game engines.

"The bundling of PMDTechnologies' superior depth sensing technology and Omek's most advanced tools for gesture recognition will leverage interactivity on a new level even under hard environmental conditions", says Dr. Bernd Buxbaum, CEO of PMDTechnologies. “We are happy to cooperate with Omek, as this will expand our activities in new and challenging application fields.” "The PMD[vision]® CamCube has been widely recognized as the depth sensing camera with the highest pixel count and the most advanced sunlight robustness, and will enable gesture-based interfaces in living rooms as well as outside locations", adds Jochen Penne, product manager of the PMD[vision]® CamCube Bundle. “The wide range of industries now deploying gesture-based interfaces into their systems demands integrated solutions,” notes Janine Kutliroff, CEO of Omek. “The combined offering of the CamCube 3.0 and Omek Beckon™ gives these customers access to broad new possibilities in the development of natural user interfaces that will work successfully across the widest range of operating environments.”
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