PI Subsidiary Founded in Singapore

The Specialists for Nanopositioning Establish Themselves in Southeast Asia
PI Singapore LLP was established in early 2011. The Singapore location provides good conditions for further expanding the market presence of the Karlsruhe-based company in Southeast Asia (PresseBox) (Karlsruhe, ) Piezoceramic drives are used for extremely precise positioning systems as well as to replace classic motor spindle systems. Applications for the compact and high-resolution drives are found e.g. in measuring technology, medical technology or biotechnology. Over the last four decades, the Karlsruhe-based PI (Physik Instrumente) has become the leading manufacturer in this field. Nanometer precision or miniaturization requires a perfect adaptation to the respective conditions, which is not possible without an application-specific and qualified consultation.

In order to guarantee the necessary customer proximity, without which the high-precision positioning systems (figure 1) from PI cannot be so successfully integrated in different applications, the company is now represented by nine branch offices worldwide in addition to the three German plants. In July 2011, PI Singapore LLP was founded (figure 2). The Singapore location offers good conditions for further expanding the market presence of the Karlsruhe-based company in Southeast Asia and for providing high-quality positioning systems for research and industry in the island- and city-state of Singapore itself as well as in Thailand and Malaysia. The main focus is on the areas of medical technology, biotechnology and automation.

The wide range of positioning systems with motoric or piezoelectric drives for up to six motion axes, hexapods, nanometer sensors, control electronics and software, supplemented by customized solutions, is now available to the Southeast Asian market as well. Currently, four highly qualified and experienced employees provide application-specific advice and comprehensive service on site. "This is not just understood to be simple repairs acceptance but above all user support, including for example support in parameter optimization," explains Michael Donat, Managing Director of PI Singapore LLP (figure 3). A longstanding PI employee with over 20 years of product and application experience, Donat is justifiably considered a specialist for precision positioning.


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