CREATHOR VENTURE invests in cloudControl

The Berlin-based cloud computing company cloudControl GmbH receives funding from Creathor Venture to further develop and market its Platform-as-a-Service ("PaaS") hosting solution
(PresseBox) (Bad Homburg, ) CloudControl enables web developers to create and run complex applications "in the cloud", without having to take care of the underlying IT infrastructure and its administration. The platform's software is always up-to-date and always deploys just the right amount of IT resources needed to run the application smoothly. Hence, developers do not have to worry about possible workload scenarios, only pay for what they actually use and can fully concentrate on building their application.

In addition, cloudControl offers an application marketplace which enables developers to quickly and easily extend their application's functionality by integrating third-party software modules. While the platform already offers many add-ons, for example database extensions, "we have many more in the pipeline", says Thomas Ruland, CFO of cloudControl.

"The funding is a very important milestone for us. We will use the new investment to expand our team, so we can support in addition to PHP more internet programming languages such as Python and Ruby faster, and offer many more Addons in a shorter period of time. Simply, we want to allow more developers to benefit from cloudControl's PaaS solution", explains CEO Philipp Strube.

"This aspect of cloud computing has great potential", adds Christian Stein, Investment Manager at Creathor. "Together, we will build one of the leading PaaS companies worldwide. Already, cloudControl is very well positioned towards its competitors and will further extend its leading position, especially due to its outstanding background resource management and add-on marketplace. As the leading European PaaS provider, cloudControl especially offers a solution for European companies who have to meet distinctive requirements with respect to location, data security and privacy."

PaaS will be a significant building block of the future cloud computing infrastructure. The paradigm shift, away from using proprietary IT resources towards obtaining IT resources as a service, will reveal substantial efficiency gains and reduction of IT investment spending. Being a driving force for this trend promises excellent opportunities for cloudControl.

About cloudControl

cloudControl operates a highly available and scalable PHP Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution and is Europe's first provider allowing PHP developers to take full advantage of cloud computing benefits. The cloudControl platform is a powerful tool for developing and hosting complex webapplications, such as e-commerce systems, CMS or Software-as-a-Service applications. cloudControl handles all resource-binding tasks on system administration, scalability and high availability, thereby enabling web developers to fully focus on the development of their applications. cloudControl GmbH won the eco Hosting Award 2009 and was announced Amazon AWS Solution Provider in 2010. cloudControl utilizes computing resources from vendors located withing the European Union.


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