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Eisenberg, Germany / Lucca and Bologna, Italy
The gantry robot turns the grouped bundles (PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) One of the highlights at the Open House event which the Fabio Perini companies will organize together with W+D and W+D-Langhammer during the MIAC show, will be the CMB202-LA02 packaging machine developed together by Casmatic and W+D-Langhammer.

The CMB202-LA02 is a bundler which combines the flexibility of robot technology with true and tested CMB202 packaging technology. Designers from the Italian packaging machine label Casmatic und the German palletizing and transport solutions specialist W+D-Langhammer bundled their know-how to develop this world first. In this new packaging machine the product infeed, the robotic arrangement of the products and the wrapping of the resulting formation are all arranged successively in one line. The use of a gantry robot makes for a very flexible grouping of pre-programmed bundle formations. The bundle groups can also be turned resulting in completely new configurations which make optimal use of the pallet surface. The bundles can be arranged in such a way that the brand names are visible on all four sides of the bundle group - a definite asset in supermarket environments. The grouped bundles are transported to the wrapping station via a conveyor belt and then wrapped in polyethylene.

The CMB202-LA02 can process up to 20 bundles per minute. Due to the linear machine design product change converting times can be reduced to a maximum of 10 minutes - something which used to take 45 minutes. The amount of format change parts as well as spare parts can be reduced by about 70 per cent. An integratable option makes a change over from flat to upright packs possible.

"We are very happy with this first joint development with our Italian colleagues," said Mr. Enrico Pes, Managing Director of W+D-Langhammer GmbH. "The CMB202-LA02 is concrete evidence that an increased cooperation with one another results in new solutions for our customers which give them definite market advantages."

In addition to the CMB202-LA02 the Fabio Perini companies will be exhibiting their proven MILE converting and packaging technology. W+D will be presenting solutions for the production of tissue fold products.


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