MOBA with MOBA 3D and Vision 3D at Intergeo

(PresseBox) (Limburg, ) MOBA Mobile Automation AG shows the flexible 3D machine control system MOBA 3D for grader and dozer as well as the 3D excavator guidance system at the Intergeo in Nuremberg from 27th until 29th September 2011 in hall 6, booth D48.

With the machine control system MOBA 3D even complex construction plans can be implemented quickly and effectively via GNSS or with a tachymeter. Detailed surveying and check measurements during the construction phase are largely unnecessary. The project data is transmitted via a USB interface from the office to the machine, using AutoCAD Standard or other common default data formats. All project data is displayed for the driver on the 10.2 inch touch screen. The 1.6 GHz controller, equipped with state-of-the-art processor technology, works on the basis of WindowsXP embedded, processes the data supplied by the sensors and forwards these to the corresponding valves. The GS-506 hydraulic control holds the blade at the desired level in real-time.

Excavator guidance system Vision 3D - flexible application, exact results

Vision 3D automatically records the GPS position data of the machine which makes the time-consuming and personnel-intensive manual surveying of the terrain as well as additional check measurements unnecessary. The system can be equipped with one or two GNSS antennas.

Project data is transmitted directly from the office to the machine through the Internet; from this data a 3D terrain model is designed. Terrain models can be created directly at the machine, and cross sections or blank slopes can be realized smoothly. State-of-the-art CAN bus sensors measure the bucket's position in three directions. This position information as well as the incline and height differences of the work area to the reference area are displayed in real-time on the 8.4 inch touch screen The visualization of the project area prevents incorrect excavation, corrective work becomes unnecessary and work processes are quicker and more efficient. Vision 3D is flexible in use and can be easily installed on different machines.


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