Customized coating and customized machines for web technology

The ICE International Converting Exhibition is the most important platform in the trade fair year. At the exhibition, CMC Klebetechnik and CMC Maschinenbau will demonstrate the possibilities of their coating and machine construction technology.
Pilot Coater for coated samples (PresseBox) (Frankenthal, ) There are a great variety of standard combinations on the market made from film, fabric or paper with coating. However, an individual solution may offer significant advantages. To allow those advantages to be exploited to optimum effect, CMC Klebetechnik offers a comprehensive service based on development and production know-how.

Our coatings, which are optimally tailored to the customer’s individual needs, are based on indepth knowledge of materials and a tried and tested manufacturing process. In a market of comparable products, only such tailored solutions offer the possibility of greater added value than standard products.

Other reasons why a customer might opt for contract coating at CMC Klebetechnik include:

- insufficient own development capacity;
- dealing with bottlenecks;
- the customer focuses on a different area;
- the customer’s production technology is insufficient or unsuitable;
- the customer would like to concentrate on its own core competencies;
- the customer needs to optimize its own process through tailored individual solutions.

CMC Klebetechnik has its own testing laboratory and in-depth knowledge of materials regarding almost all the commonly used technical films and many adhesive and coating materials. From the initial idea to production, the customer receives optimum support, not only due to our many years of experience in manufacturing, but also our extremely flexible production facilities for up to 1,900 mm in width (solvents and dispersions) and subordinated cutting and punching departments. At the same time our own laboratory runs a parallel active development process.

At the ICE, CMC Klebetechnik will highlight the possibility of creating a sample on a pilot coating system which accurately shows what the actual product will look like. This interim stage helps to assess feasibility and determine the necessary parameters and the quality which can be expected, before a costly test is run on the main coating system. The customer is provided with a sample which enables them to carry out their own tests, and CMC Klebetechnik can create an approximate quote using the calculated coating data before the first bulk production.

In addition, at the Bondexpo our entire range of adhesive-coated products based on, for example, Kapton®, Nomex®, Teonex®, APTIV® or Mylar®, will be exhibited as examples to demonstrate to visitors the wide range of coating possibilities that we offer.

CMC Maschinenbau GmbH, which belongs to the CMC Group, will also exhibit on CMC Klebetechnik GmbH’s stand, under the slogan “Good but affordable”.

For 15 years, its Managing Director, Mr Uwe Schöwerling, has constructed machines for the web converting industry. These include large rotary punching machines, but also smaller machines such as flexo printing machines or flat die cutters.

The systems possess two key properties:

- they are adjusted to the customer’s needs; no one machine is like any other, but offers the optimal solution in view of the requirements and the manufacturing and/or operating costs; and

- the machines operate as precisely as necessary, rather than as precisely as possible.

For example, because the machines are individually adjusted to the customer’s needs, unlike standard systems, lower requirements with regard to repeatability can be taken into account so as to reduce costs.

On the other hand, very demanding jobs can also be carried out with high quality magnetic powder couplings, optical web edge control and special outputs and drives for web tension control.

At the ICE trade fair, new rotary tools and smaller assemblies will be exhibited. A roll cutter will be exhibited as an example of a small, inexpensive and robust machine, aimed at the main target group, i.e. medium-sized industry, which often needs to find a simple but functional, and sufficiently precise cutting, punching, laminating or printing machine for a particular stage of production.

CMC Maschinenbau adapts the necessary technology to the production process, in close cooperation with the customer, and thus offers simple machine construction along with process integration.

CMC Maschinenbau is therefore the ideal partner for customers who need good quality machines at reasonable cost, tailored to their own individual preferences and needs.


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