Jenoptik launches the worldwide most compact, yet powerful 1,550 nm Laser Rangefinder Module for system integration.

Weighing less than 40 grams only, the DLEM SR laser rangefinder module covers a measuring range of typically more than 1,500 meters with an accuracy of better than one meter. Due to its compact size it fits comfortably behind a business card.
DLEM SR (handheld) (PresseBox) (Jena, ) This typical range performance of the fully eyesafe “short range” DLEM SR is defined for a NATO standard target board with 30% reflectivity, 10 kilometer visibility and a measuring time of 0.5 seconds. Generally, the total measuring range capability for the compact module is 5000 meters. For lower range requirements, the measuring rate can be programmed up to 25 Hz.

Optimum measuring accuracy within a wide temperature range

What makes the DLEM SR unique is not only its compact size, but also the fact that it provides excellent performance and reliable measuring results with a constant accuracy better than one meter within the full operating temperature range from -40 °C to +75 °C.

Reliable results also under severe atmospheric conditions and for measuring challenging targets

The DLEM SR offers an accuracy of better than one meter. A special measuring method ensures accurate readings achieved by low energy laser pulses also under limited visibility conditions, for example during fog, rain or snowfall. At the same time, also targets of high reflectivity, for example triple prisms, can be measured with highest accuracy.

Hard to recon

Measurement with low energy laser pulses also hinders reconnaissance by enemy forces, in addition to the 1550 nm operating wavelength that is not to detect by image intensifiers.

Dedicated for easy system integration

Due to its compact size, the DLEM SR rangefinder is ideally suited for integration into lightweight, hand-held systems, for example optronic reconnaissance, fire-control or target localization devices. Being shock resistant, the module can be integrated into optronic systems mounted to firearms. The DLEM SR is equipped with standard serial interface for data output and parameterization.

DLEM SR – a member of the DLEM product series

The short range DLEM SR is the most compact member of Jenoptik’s proven series of
DLEM diode laser rangefinder, consisting of various models with individual performance levels.

More information

For more information about the DLEM SR and other members of the DLEM series please visit or contact us directly.


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