Building a business case for SAP’s Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM)

Westernacher has developed a series of EWM webinars for supply chain and logistics managers / The first one of which is possibly the most beneficial in aiding the decision making process
SAP EWM Webinar Series (PresseBox) (London, ) Determining if an organisation should invest in SAP EWM requires significant effort. To build a business case you first need to thoroughly understand this offering. With this in mind Westernacher have developed a series of EWM webinars for supply chain and logistics managers that are industry-agnostic.

The first of this 9 part webinar series EWM Introduction for Management is invaluable in fast tracking the decision making process. An experienced Westernacher consultant explains the rationale behind developing EWM and its core features. The webinar then quickly takes you through the areas of EWM that drive the most benefit for business, showing them in the system. In only 35 minute it could vastly improve your understanding of how EWM could transform your business.

Part 1 of this SAP EWM Overview can be watched right now by visiting this webpage:

There are a further eight webinars planned for the series that will cover the following topics in detail:
Part 2 – Wave Management
Part 3 – Warehouse Order Creation
Part 4 – Slotting
Part 5 – Cross Docking
Part 6 – Value-added Services and Kitting
Part 7 – Interleaving
Part 8 – Warehouse Monitoring
Part 9 – Yard Management


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