Reliable joints for film-like materials

Manufacturers of foils, paper, and fine screens know the problem. If a product is coated in retrospect and is then run through a coating oven, joint lines (splices) may crack.
Whenever an end comes.... (PresseBox) (Frankenthal, ) CMC Klebetechnik specialized in the coating of sheet material is well aware of the problem. Rolls of raw material, e.g. polyester foil, Kapton®, glass fiber material or Nomex paper all end at some point, and will then have to be joined to the next roll. When routing the material through the curing oven, where coatings receive their final form, even the most generous splices may crack in the heat. Popular acrylate and rubber adhesives will soften as soon as heat is applied, and the adhesive tape will shear under tension.

This problem is further exacerbated if the surfaces of the two materials to be bonded are repellent. Silionized paper and foil types are particularly problematic, as 'regular' adhesive tape will not stick to their surface at all.

Tearing off of the joint inside the drying channel can quickly cause damages of several thousand euros depending on the complexity and value of the product. Reliable joint adhesion therefore represents a significant savings potential in the production process.

CMC Klebetechnik has developed an adhesive tape consisting of temperature resistant polyester foil (several minutes in up to 200°C), which is coated with a highly shear-resistant polysiloxane adhesive to address this specific problem. This adhesive will also not soften at higher temperatures. It is therefore significantly more resistant to tensile stresses when passing through the curer, and will hold the joint reliably.

The adhesive tape CMC 10623 is available in the standard widths 150 mm and 300 mm, and is transparent. The roll length is 66 m. Custom versions are available on request.

If you are a coating specialist and have problems establishing reliable joints: CMC 10623 could be the right solution for you.


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