KAPTON®-based adhesive tapes

Over 50 years old and still at the top of the game: The polyimide foil Kapton® by DuPont has been the top choice for many years in terms of highest demands in electrical, chemical, physical, and thermal characteristics.
Kapton Adhesive Tape by CMC Klebetechnik (PresseBox) (Frankenthal, ) Polyimide is a high-performance polymer, and ranks among the best plastics, alongside PEEK, PEI, PSU, PPS or PES. To this day, Kapton® is the most broadly used and most well-known representative of these HP polymers (high performance).

CMC Klebetechnik manufactures premium quality adhesive tapes from Kapton® foil, which exhibit not only good electrical tensile strength, but also - and most importantly: have an extremely high temperature resistance (220°C) in continuous operation, an astounding backup resistance (short-term up to 350°C), and excellent chemical stability. Kapton® foils show virtually no aging in corrosive environments, and have highly stable characteristic curves across the entire temperature range (approx. -220°C to +250°C).

In electro-technical applications, Kapton® is used primarily as an insulation foil. These foils allow for extremely high power density, as the inevitable increase in temperature will have practically no effect on the insulator. In electronics, the material is traditionally used as carrier for FPCs (flexible printed circuits).

CMC Klebetechnik uses premium quality acrylate or polysiloxane adhesives, suitable for electro-technical applications (no electrolytic corrosion). These adhesive tapes are used as installation aides (cable bandages), for attachment (interwinding insulation in transformers), and also as removable, residue-free cover (powder coating, electroplating, reflow soldering) after severe temperature input. And last, but by no means least: as an optimized electric insulation in transformers, electric motors and generators.

Many Kapton®-based CMC adhesive tapes are UL-listed, and are therefore approved for use in the manufacture of devices destined for the US market.

DuPont manufactures a number of Kapton® variations for a variety of special applications (heat conducting, corona resistant, optically dense black, hot sealable). These are enhanced by CMC with appropriate adhesive coatings.

In addition to rolls of adhesive tape in custom widths, stamped-parts made from Kapton® foils or Kapton® adhesive tapes count among the most popular products by CMC Klebetechnik.

If you need to cater to highest temperature requirements, then Kapton® adhesive tapes from CMC Klebetechnik are the perfect solution for you. You get a product that fullfils virtually all requirements for a polymer material.


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